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Betso SBOX-1N

£498.00 (£415.00 excl VAT)

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The SBOX-1N is an extremely accurate, very compact and affordable time code and word clock generator. Its main advantages, not-to-mention being the industry leader in time code sync precision,
are its surprisingly easy to use “plug and play” feature, along with its 1″ large OLED display and well-designed power consumption optimization. With SBOX-1N you will never be out of sync again.

All Time Code and Word Clock Formats
The SBOX-1N can receive, precisely jam or start to generate new time codes of all existing SMPTE time code formats.
Also, all commonly used word clock formats are supported, including their pull-up and pull-down options.

Technical specifications

  • Display 1“ blue OLED with adjustable brightness
  • Dimensions (h x w x d) 75 x 62 x 20 mm (2.95″ x 2.44″ x 0.78″)
  • Weight (inc. batteries) approx. 178g (6.3 oz)
  • Mechanical construction CNC milled, anodized aluminium alloy
  • Powering 2x AA battery (alkaline or lithium) / 2x accu (NiMH, NiCd)
  • External powering 0.9 – 3 V DC
  • Current consumption 40 – 80 mA *
  • Battery life Up to 50 (80) hours **
  • SMPTE TC formats 23,976 fps – 30 fps including DF and NDF (also 0.5 and 2 multiples: 11.98 fps – 60 fps supported)
  • Output TC amplitude Adjustable from -18dBu to +6dBu
  • Input TC sensitivity 0.2 – 10 V (p-p)
  • TCXO crystal Temperature compensated oscillator (+/- 0.2 ppm)
  • Accuracy error Less than 0.5 frames / 24 hours
  • Wordclock 32 – 192 kHz including PAL/SECAM and NTSC pull-up and pull-down options
  • * depends on the operating mode
    ** with the lowest display brightness, WC off, alkaline batteries (Lithium cells)

    Advanced features

  • GPS calibration Factory GPS based calibration of TCXO with better than 0,1ppm accuracy result
  • Jamming calibration Jamming calibration feature to copy master’s TCXO precision
  • Cross jamming Cross jamming alowes timecode sync between two diferent framerates
  • Auto ON Automatic power ON function after active time code detection SBOX-1N mounting position
  • TC offset Time code offset adjustment from -10 to 10 frames
  • UB settings Variable user bits settings including preset value, jammed user bits and live external timecode insertion
  • GPS time TC Starts to generate exact UTC time code synchronized all over the world
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