We have some amazing sound equipment which is looking for a new home.
If you are looking for some preloved and well looked after kit, why not give us a call +44(0)20 8940 6077 or drop us a line with your enquiry at info@richmondfilmservices.co.uk

In the meantime, have a look whether you need anything from the list below:

360 Systems DigiCart II Plus Digital Audio Recorder £100+VAT
Audio Design DMM-1 Digital Mini mixer £250+VAT
Lexicon MPX1 £175+VAT
Yamaha SPX90 £60+VAT
Tieline patriot £60+VAT
Tieline commanders £60+VAT
Shortcut Editor £50+VAT
Instant Replay £50+VAT
Philips CD Player £10+VAT
Aiwa Cassette £10+VAT
Marantz CD Player £50+VAT
Audio Buffer £15+VAT
Ricsonix £10+VAT
Stabilizer 4 £25+VAT
DCS Converters – DA-AD £1000+VAT
Focusrite 2802 £1800+VAT
Vintage metal flight cases £5-£25